Young Families and Professionals 

Whether you are a young family or high-income professional, we can assist you in your short-term and long-term financial goals.  Whether you need help managing your wealth, paying your student loans, or saving for college for your young children, The CJ Berry Group has strategies available to you.

Our goal for you is a plan that creates clarity and confidence.

You may not be thinking about retirement yet, and that's perfectly alright.  We will help you with your short-term goals with an eye for the future.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

It is important to have a comprehensive financial plan to live the lifestyle you want during your working years, while also saving the right amount for retirement.

College Funding

Maybe you are still working on your student loans (there is a plan for that), or we need to start thinking about the next generation. We can help you navigate the options of 529's permanent life insurance and other avenues to help fund college.

Physicians, Lawyers, and High-Income Professionals

Are you a high-income professional?  Maybe you are a business owner and are concerned about asset protection--protecting what you are building.  There are strategies to protect what you've earned, and we can help.


You are in the "retirement red-zone" where now you need to make some decisions about when and how to retire.  Will your money last?  Are you following the mainstream advice or are you creating a plan that is perfect for you?

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Now is the most important time to have a holistic financial, estate, and tax plan.  Decisions of Social Security timing, Roth Conversions, Long-term Care Planning, will be shaping your second-half of life.  Often you do not have a "do-over" when it comes to these decisions.

Tax & Income Planning

Have you done any planning to defuse the retirement tax time bomb?  Now is the time to look at strategies to ensure that when you are turning 70 1/2, you are not at the mercy of the internal revenue service.

Wealth Management

Do you have a plan to make sure your money lasts as long as you do in retirement or that you can leave the legacy you want? It's time to take control of your investments, not leaving it up to your company to decide.

Retirees and Caregivers

Congratulations, you've made it to retirement.  Now is the time to ensure your money lasts as long as you do to provide safe income for the rest of your life and protect against the devastating cost of long-term care.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Through holistic planning strategies, we can create a happy, safe, secure retirement, protected against the threats of unnecessary taxes, devastating long-term care costs or market risk.

Estate Planning

If you haven't, it's time to review that old estate plan to make sure you are protecting against probate, long-term care costs with asset protection trusts, and you are leaving the legacy of your choice...not leaving it to government and probate courts to decide your fate.

Long-term Care Planning

The cost of a nursing home in Michigan can be $13,500 per month.  Have you taken steps to protect yourself with a Castle Trust or an Asset Based Long-term Care Strategy?

Protect Yourself From 3 Great Dangers in Retirement

With uncertain markets, low interest rates & increased volatility, where can retirees invest today?  Learn how to protect yourself from the Perfect Storm in Retirement.

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